Yet another survey discovers the secrets to happiness!

Yet another survey discovers the secrets to happiness!

No surprises here as yet another survey finds that…Simple joys beat riches

Quality time with family and friends brings more joy than fast cars and luxury goodies, a study claimed yesterday.

The happiest people work 7Ô_ hours after a 20-minute commute and sleep for 6Ô_ hours a night.

They spend time with their kids, enjoy a TV soap, have two holidays a year, exercise and don’t drink a lot.

Experts quizzed 4,000 adults on their lifestyles and asked them to rate their happiness on a scale of one to five. It emerged that the perfect formula includes at least one night out a week with a partner or friends and one shopping spree…

…as already noted, you’ll find nothing new here but it’s nice to be reassured that ultimately, happiness comes from simple and accessible things such as those listed above. To read the full article – JUST CLICK HERE