9 reasons why you deserve happiness

9 reasons why you deserve happiness

I recently stumbled upon an article that described a phenomenon in which people were afraid of success. It reminded me of a discussion I had with a client a few years ago in which she felt she did not deserve to be happy.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this seems to be a common problem; that is, people believing they’re undeserving of happiness because…

  • they’re not perfect
  • there are people suffering around them and so they don’t want to appear too positive
  • they believe that happiness is correlated with laziness or frivolity and that life’s too serious etcetera etcetera

Well, although these “reasons” are not completely without validity they are, I believe, flawed in more ways than one and so today I bring you 9 reasons why you do deserve, and should strive towards happiness. As far as I’m concerned, each and every one of us deserves happiness because…

  • no matter what you’ve done you are, or can become a good person
  • your past does not need to dictate your future
  • it will increase your chances of doing good for others
  • it will boost your liklihood of living a healthy and fulfilling life
  • you’ll be more caring and compassionate of others
  • you’ll be more resilient
  • you’ll solve problems more effectively
  • you’ll contribute more to your family, workplace and society
  • well, just because (that’s a good enough reason, isn’t it?)!

As always, I’m sure there are many more reasons why we each deserve happiness. Contribute your thoughts via our Facebook page (HERE).