Finding happiness…at the movies

Finding happiness…at the movies

by Michelle Gielan for Psychology Today

Oversized bag of popcorn? Check.

No one blocking my view? Check.

A movie that is going to teach me about myself or inspire me? Let’s tackle that one!

Movies can have immense power over us and inspire us to be brave, try something new, or take our lives to the next level. A character’s story allows us to peer into someone else’s world, and what we discover can teach us about our own lives and build awareness deep within us. If watched carefully, movies can be better than the best self-help books.

The key to turning the next flick you watch into a powerful learning tool is to “keep a look out for Character Strengths, especially the main character’s Signature Strengths,” recommends Ryan Niemiec, from the VIA Institute on Character.

Character Strengths come from a person’s core. VIA’s list of 24 Character Strengths includes: bravery, curiosity, kindness, fairness, gratitude, creativity, and leadership. As individuals, we express different levels of each of these strengths. Signature Strengths are the ones we use the most and “are very natural and easy for us to express,” explains Niemiec…

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