The real law of attraction – how happiness leads to success

The real law of attraction – how happiness leads to success

by Joe Robinson for The Huffington Post

Forget the power suit and the room full of movers and shakers. The most effective weapon in the success arsenal may be something that appears to be a typo — positive affect. The word is “affect,” not “effect,” though it has a big one when you deploy it. Positive affect is the body language of happiness, a buoyant and optimistic spirit transmitted via facial expression, tone of voice and demeanor. The research shows that when you have it, the world wants in.

The scientific literature brims with testaments to the power of positive affect, something I ran into again and again while researching “Don’t Miss Your Life.” It’s a trait that appears to be at the center of everything having to do with optimal living, from success in the social arena to health (less stress, hypertension), career, creativity and problem-solving.

Positive psychology heavyweights Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ed Diener and Laura King demonstrated in a meta-analysis of 225 research papers covering 275,000 participants that this “hallmark of well-being,” as they call it, spawns numerous successful outcomes and “behaviors paralleling success.” They found that people with frequent positive affect are more likely to be successful in their professional lives, make more money and get more promotions. Those with chronic happiness have better social relationships, more support and stronger friendships.

Call it the real law of attraction. “Chronically happy people,” the authors report, “are in general more successful … their success is in large part a consequence of their happiness and frequent experience of positive affect.” It turns out that a happy state leads to success, instead of the other way around…

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