Happiness is…looking for the best in people

Happiness is…looking for the best in people

All too often I hear people complaining about other people. They’re not this and they’re not that; alternatively they are this and they are that! The “this” and “that” referred to tend, in many cases, to be negatives. And common “victims” of such negativity are, all too often, younger people (sometimes referred to as GenY).

But the reality is although we all have faults and weaknesses we also all have strengths and attributes; regardless of age or gender, all of us are imperfect AND all of us are wonderful. I’m yet to be convinced that the “younger generation” are any more selfish or problematic than any other young generation that’s gone before them.

In fact, I think there’s much to be optimistic about; but I’ll come back to this in a little…

Not that long ago I discovered this fascinating video clip – WATCH HERE

Now sure, some people took up the free offer but by far in a way the majority didn’t; despite the fact they could take the drink for nothing, almost everyone paid their fare share!

And what does this mean? To me, this means that people are, on the whole, honest and good; to me this means that people can and should be trusted; to me this means that we live in a (mostly) fair and just world and that if we all could believe this then we’d all find more happiness via positive emotions associated with these beliefs and the positive relationships that would stem from them.

This was reinforced recently when I attended an open day at my daughter’s school. Without going into all the details, a few girls were asked to speak…about their experiences and the lessons they’d learned along the way. In short, these girls spoke brilliantly! They were elequent, funny, clever and so, so impressive! And yet they come from a generation so many feel so concerned about.

So what’s my point? My point is that happiness may well come to those who trust others more; who see the best in others and who don’t allow (often inaccurate) stereotypes and biases to affect the way they perceive others and, therefore, interact with others. The world really is a good place, if only you let it be.