How to get happier

How to get happier

by Joanna Hall for Body & Soul

IS happiness an elusive concept or something we can all have if we put our minds to it?

What happiness means to each person is highly individual.

Happiness could depend upon finding Mr or Miss Right; having a much-wanted baby; or achieving personal fulfilment at work.

Yet there are people who appear to _ã–have it all_㝠on paper, and still happiness eludes them. Conversely, some people have faced incredible adversity and yet remain intrinsically happy. What_ã_s going on?

Dr Timothy Sharp, a founder of the Happiness Institute, defines happiness as a range of positive emotions, from the obvious _ã–high-arousal_㝠ones such as joy and excitement, to the low-arousal emotions such as calm, contentment and satisfaction.

Dr Sharp says happiness is determined by three variables: genetics, context or environment and intentional activities.

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