The complete A to Z of happiness

The complete A to Z of happiness

The Complete A to Z of happiness (a collective effort from The Happiness Institute_ã_s Facebook Community)

A is for (positive) actions (which speak far louder than words)

B is for belief (in yourself, others, and the world)

C is for connectedness (because other people matter)

D is for determination to live a good life

E is for the positive energy required to do the right things

F is for fun & faith because you need both to succeed

G is for Goodwill, share it and be rewarded with happiness :’)

G is for gratitude. Be grateful for good friends and family! And G is also for giving things a go, so receive the rewards and lessons they bring

H is for hope. Even when things are going bad, chances are they will improve!

I is for invaluable lessons, we are always learning and growing each day

J is for Joy

K is for Kindness

L is for Love and for Laughter L is also for Let It Go. Get rid of unhappy baggage and travel light.

M is for Mirth. Being merry, laughter. 🙂 M is for Me, happiness comes from me

N is for NEW. New experiences which teach us new things and let us grow, new days that let us start a fresh, new friends that share our laughter and joy, new babies that bring fresh spirit to the world…

O for openness _ã_ be honest to yourself and others. O is also for optimism, an attitude for happiness

P is for PERSISTENCE. Keep on going, no matter what! Don_ã_t ever give up because persistence always pays off in the long run. P is also for Play. It’s important to make time for play. P is also for Pleasure.

Q is for Quietness – time to think, reflect and just be still.

R is for Rest

S is for SANCTUARY. We all need a little place that we can hide away in and reflect and seek some solace from the daily grind.

T is for TRIUMPH – Victory or Success. Feeling the TRIUMPH in every success or win no matter how trivial.

U – Unerring – Always right or accurate: “an unerring sense of direction”. U is also for Unity _ã_ of Mind, body and spirit.

V _ã_ VIVACIOUSNESS; always possessing a lively, emphatic, eager quality or manner in everything you do. Others will appreciate it.

W is for Wealth – in relationships, health and happiness

X is for an ‘Xcellent’ attitude!

Y is for yes…accepting opportunities as they appear

Z is for Zest…a vital ingredient for happiness!

Thanks to everyone from our happiness community on Facebook for all these fantastic contributions!