Helping children find happiness – positive psychology parenting

Helping children find happiness – positive psychology parenting

Positive Psychology in Parenting by Shadra Bruce for Mental Health News

Positive psychology, an approach to mental health that focuses on the ways in which people thrive, has a number of applications. Not only is it useful in the treatment of mental health disorders, often helping people work through issues like depression without having to resort to medication, but it literally changes the way in which mental health specialists approach mental health and quality of life issues.

Now, positive psychology has impacted the approach moms and dads can take in parenting. There have been a number of studies which report that parenting decreases levels of happiness, particularly during the teen years, because of a feeling of a lack of control.

Using positive psychology to raise children can allow parents to empower children with a better sense of themselves, better control over their own lives, and more happiness. There are five areas of positive psychology that can be directly applied to a new approach to raising kids called positive parenting…

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