Happiness…what you’re mother didn’t tell you!

Happiness…what you’re mother didn’t tell you!

Was Mom Right About Finding Happiness?

By Kathleen Doheny for Psychology Today

Stumbling on happiness is neither easy nor predictable, and bestselling author-psychologist Daniel Gilbert set out to prove that in his keynote address Thursday at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in San Diego.

His book of the same name was a long-time best-seller.

In a lively, 30-minute address, Gilbert opened by showing a slide of his mother and the title: _ã–Happiness: What Your Mother Didn_ã_t Tell You._ã

_ãEveryone tells us what we ought to want to be happy,_㝠he says. _ã_If your mom was like mine, she probably gave you a lot of advice about happiness._ã

On his mother_ã_s list: Marriage, Money and Children.

_ã–It turns out some of what our mothers told us is right, and some is wrong,_㝠 says Gilbert, the Harvard College Professor of Psychology at Harvard University.

That_ã_s due to the burgeoning research area that has focused much more intensely on what it takes to be happy_ã_and who_ã_s happy_ã_in the last decade or two, Gilbert says.

He tackled his mom_ã_s list one by one, putting motherly advice to the scientific test.

In general, he says, _ã–married people are happeir than unmarried people. They have more money, better health, more sex._ã

But the single best predictor of happiness, he says, is the goodness of the social relationship…READ MORE HERE