Happiness is…finding meaning in the world

Happiness is…finding meaning in the world

by Kathryn Britton

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Tips for Finding Meaning

These questions were on my mind throughout the Meaning Conference. What gives meaning to life when someone feels they are no longer able to serve others or contribute to lifetime passions or a larger purpose?

Here are some ideas from the Meaning Conference that I will share with my friend:

  • Other people find meaning in life by serving you, so your needs enhance their lives.

  • Younger people _ã” your children, grandchildren, others who serve you _ã_ also learn by watching you. If you accept your shrinking world cheerfully, you may be making it easier for them to do so when their time comes.

  • There is a time in life for doing and giving, and another time for receiving. Without someone to receive, nobody can give.

  • Think about what would not have been if you had not existed. The existence of those things gives witness to your existence.

  • Meaning doesn_ã_t have to come from what you do. Meaning can come from the way you are. The time for doing is past. The time for being is now. One speaker, Z. Bellin, studied how people express meaning, and whether it is more dependent on doing or being. He said our understanding of meaning tends to be over-focused on accomplishment. There are many ways to experience meaning _ã” by coping with difficulties and through interactions with others. Meaningful experiences remind us of our aliveness in relation to the world.

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