Achieving Happiness: Advice from Plato

Achieving Happiness: Advice from Plato

by Michael Austin for Psychology Today

If we want true happiness, we should heed what Plato said about the virtues.

In a previous post, I offered some thoughts from Aristotle about genuine happiness. Now I’d like to turn to some of Plato’s beliefs on the matter, which are similar but not exactly the same as what Arisotle held. Plato, who was Aristotle’s mentor, has a lot to say about happiness, virtue, and political life in his masterful book, the Republic.

Part of Plato’s case for his view that we must be moral in order to be truly happy rests on a discussion of the four cardinal virtues: wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice. I use The Story of Ethics in many of my classes, and the book contains an excellent discussion of Plato’s philosophy regarding virtue and human fulfillment.

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