5 ways to find more happiness (short video)

5 ways to find more happiness (short video)

Check out this short, happiness related video segment of a longer interview with Tal Ben-Shahar a Harvard lecturer and researcher in Positive Psychology (the psychology of what is right with us and how to get more of that).

Thanks to the Practical Wellbeing website

In this five minute piece Ben-Shahar talks about:

  • The importance of accepting our feelings whatever they might be.

  • The benefits of having quality time with our friends and loved ones.

  • Physical exercise and mental health.

  • Gratitude and why it_ã_s good for you.

  • The importance of simplification.

If that doesn’t bring you more happiness then I’m not sure what will! And it_ã_s only a short piece, well worth a look, so if you’re prepared to invest 5 minutes in your happiness then JUST CLICK HERE