Happiness is…helping others to help others

Happiness is…helping others to help others

As most of you know I spend much of my time teaching people and groups and teams and organisations to find happiness through application of the principles of positive psychology.

Lately, I’ve been working with a small but special group of people who’ve all, in their own ways, made brilliant progress towards happiness and a better life.

This is, not surprisingly, very satisfying for me (and good, therefore, for my happiness) but what made me even happier yesterday was when they all, in different ways, talked about sharing what they’d learned with family and friends.

All of a sudden I felt even more effective and the possibilities for having even more influence on more people. If all the people I helped to happiness could then help another 1, or 2 or more of their connections find happiness then we, as a group, could eventually have a positive impact on many, many lives.

So join in the happiness revolution! If you’re reading this then you’re probably already familiar with our work at The Happiness Institute but don’t just keep it to yourself. Spread the word and spread the happiness : )