Happiness and children; some intriguing findings…

Happiness and children; some intriguing findings…

by Penny Marshall

As I turn the pages of our family photo albums, I see countless pictures of our children growing up. Most of the shots capture moments of happiness or achievement: my daughters are laughing on care-free holidays under azure summer skies, or clutching a medal, holding a certificate, winning a race.

These albums, stored in a memory chest I have created for my family, are a record not just of my children’s happiness and achievements, but my own as well.

I love to look at the pictures of us, it’s a sort of proof that I’m living the ‘parental dream’. Or that’s what I thought.

But now I’m being told that my parental happiness is a delusion and that my photo albums – like my parental memory bank – contain only the moments I have chosen to archive.

Mothers and fathers, according to the latest research by top scientists, simply choose to forget – or else don’t admit to – all the other hideous stuff which makes us miserable on an almost daily basis; the tears, the tedium and the tantrums.

In fact, this research goes even further than that. It suggests that there’s a good chance having children actually makes people unhappy – or at least a lot less happy than those who are childless.

It has long been instilled in us that the key to ultimate joy and fulfilment lies with having a family – in fact, it is even detailed in the Bible. Can it really be that this is no longer true?

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