Happiness lessons from, well from me…Dr. Happy!

Happiness lessons from, well from me…Dr. Happy!

I’m sitting here, back at The Happiness Institute, after an exceptionally busy few weeks. I have another few weeks coming up that will be equally busy but today, I’m enjoying a lovely period of relative quiet during which I can catch up, plan ahead, and reflect…on happiness.

One of my kind and caring colleagues asked me the other day if I was coping OK (I really have been exceptionally busy) and I responded, gratefully, that I was doing fine. I did note that I was physically and mentally exhausted but I said all this with a smile in my voice and with happiness in my heart!

Only then did I stop and ask myself, how am I actually doing! And I realised that despite being very, very tired I really was faring very, very well. It was then that I thought I might share some of my happiness lessons and tips, from the last week or so, with you…

  • if you do what you love then you never really work a day in your life…and I love what I do! Happiness comes at least in part from having a clear purpose and from finding meaning in your work and your life; I’m glad to say I have all of that in spades
  • you can’t please all the people all the time. Although I’ve had some fantastic feedback from much of my work lately (and I really am humbled by some of the incredible things people have said to me and about my work lately) I’ve also been on the receiving end of some “constructive criticism”.  But hey, guess what? That’s life. For me, happiness comes from doing the best I can as often as I can, and from doing it authentically and with integrity. As long as I do that I know that’s all I can really do (and thankfully most people accept that)
  • happiness comes not just from feeling good but also from doing good; and I know I feel best when I’m helping others. I love being a coach and a therapist and I love facilitating positive change. I’ve been doing a lot of this lately, with individuals, groups and organisations and it’s incredibly satisfying
  • happiness is to be shared, with loved ones, family memebers, friends and colleagues. I know I don’t get it right all the time but despite being very busy, I’ve been making a really good effort lately to connect with others and there’s no doubt this is good for my happiness (and, I hope, for theirs)
  • happiness is keeping things in perspective; troubles come and go, and so do pleasures too to some extent. Remembering this can be good for your soul
  • and finally, I’ve taken a few opportunities lately to stretch myself! Moving beyond my comfort zone is, well, uncomfortable but more often than not the benefits are worthwhile. With discomfort comes excitement and with excitement comes positive learnings and…happiness

So there it is, just a few lessons or reminders from recent weeks. What brings you happiness? What have you learned about yourself and/or what makes you happy? Let us know by getting involved in The Happiness Institute’s Facebook page and/or by following me on Twitter…see you there : )