Happiness is…

Happiness is…

…a constant balancing act; we need to take care of ourselves but the research (and common sense) also tells us that we also need to nurture our relationships and practice compassion and love. With this in mind, and noting that the two sides to the happiness “coin” our loving ourselves AND loving others this week we focus slightly more on the former…

Gifts to Ourselves – by Lou Tice

Most of us extend small kindnesses to others. But how many of us practice the same loving gestures when it comes to ourselves? Let’s talk about our gifts to ourselves.

How good a friend are you to yourself? Most of us are very good at celebrating our friendships with little gestures and gifts that say we care. But what do you give yourself that could qualify as a gift? A little self-indulgence is a healthy thing, which could mean buying yourself that new compact disc, treating yourself to dinner out or hiring someone to wash and wax your car.

Now, if self-indulgence has been your life story, I’m not talking to you. And if, by giving yourself a gift, you will be irresponsibly depriving others, I’m not talking to you, either. But most of us can give gifts to ourselves that don’t cost a cent.

For example: A little mid-day nap. Allowing yourself to linger over a cup of coffee. Taking a quiet stroll after dinner. Cutting a garden bouquet for your own enjoyment. Curling up on the couch for an hour or two with a great book.

Gifts like these are ways of being friendly to you. Of course, it’s crucial that we give to others too. But if you give only to others, your need to receive as well may become a demanding burden to your friendships.

So if you really want to nurture yourself, take a moment from time to time and ask, “How friendly have I been to me today?”

Lou Tice -The Pacific Institute (www.thepacificinstitute.com)

Do you do this in your life? If so, does it bring you more happiness? Let us know…