Discover 5 keys to sexual happiness!

Discover 5 keys to sexual happiness!

by Lisa Thomas – Psychology Today

Sexual Happiness Key #2 Communicate
Talk with your partner outside of the bedroom about your sexual wants, needs, fantasies and desires. By speaking about what you want sexually it can ignite passion between you both and provide you with a more satisfying sexual relationship. Talk about the thing that turns you on sexually, what you want your partner to know about you sexually and what the best sexual experience you had together was and the details about what made it so good. Talking about sex can bring you closer and increase your sexual satisfaction.

Sexual Happiness Key #3 Engage in Foreplay
Foreplay is perhaps the most important part of sex. The reason it’s the most important is because it is the only part of the sexual experience where partners take turns pleasuring each other verses engaging in mutual touching. Foreplay is also where the most arousal and lubrication comes from and it prepares your both body and your genitals for sex. Try adding manual or oral stimulation to your sexual repertoire. Don’t skip the foreplay for a more satisfying sexual experience.

Sexual Happiness Key #4 Love your Body
Loving your body is a key to sexual happiness. Your body is your container, it’s functional and beautiful just the way it is. By setting limitations such as “I can enjoy sex more when I lose the weight” you are depriving yourself of connecting with your sexuality and connecting sexually with your partner. Try standing in front of a mirror with soft lighting to pay attention to what you love about your shape. Embrace yourself for how you look today and love yourself. Being comfortable in your own skin is a sexy feature.

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