Happiness is loving your body, imperfections and all!

Happiness is loving your body, imperfections and all!

Here’s an interesting happiness related article from the Huffington Post…

by Kristen Houghton

While some people rely on road maps or a GPS system, I rely on landmarks to get me where I’m going. It’s always been like that for me. When I was dating my husband-to-be he gave explicit directions on how to get to his house.

“You’ll be on south 80 then you’re going to turn onto west 21 and go … ” I interrupted him to ask what landmarks I should look for; gas stations, buildings, etc. Having the visual is what I need I told him.

The same approach can apply to physical imperfections. They are the landmarks of living a life. We all desire to be flawless and while there is nothing wrong in wanting to look the best we can, I have to say that I like my flaws. They tell me where I’ve been and how I’ve lived.

A scar that begins at my navel and travels downward is a memory of becoming a mother of twin girls during an emergency C-section. The tiny scar on my nose is a flaw that tells me the MOHS surgery I had for skin cancer was successful. My life isn’t flawless and neither am I, which is good.

A colleague of mine who has visible laugh lines shuns any thoughts of Botox. She says she likes her lines because they show she has laughed quite a lot in her 42 years. That, she says, means I’ve enjoyed life. Another friend tells me she wouldn’t trade her imperfect nose because it is a distinctive reminder of her heritage and who she is.

But there is a stigma attached to not being perfect…

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