Looking for happiness

Looking for happiness

Winner’s Circle Network with Lou Tice – 6/28/10 – “Looking for Happiness”

What makes you happy? Where do you find joy? No matter who you are, the answer to these questions is always the same, and I’ll tell you what it is.

Do you know anyone who is always looking for happiness? What about people who are constantly in pursuit of joy through some activity, or people who complain that their relationships are dull, their job oppressive?

They act as if happiness and joy are to be found “out there” somewhere. They seldom come to terms with the idea that happiness is inside them. You see, we can’t look for joy as we do a lost article of clothing. We make our own happiness. We define it for ourselves and experience it in our own unique way. In fact, the happiest people in the world would probably still be happy if they were stripped of everything but life.

I see it all the time in my work. Many people whose bodies are terribly crippled or who have lived a life of deprivation and disadvantage are able to smile and joke their way through life, while those working with them who have every physical and economic advantage are often sour, complaining and depressed.

So open up the doors to your heart and let joy, laughter, and light heartedness come in. Many a relationship has been saved by a good belly laugh. A sense of humor is one of life’s greatest gifts.

Just remember, what makes you happy is not an event but a point of view. Once you have it, you’ll find joy and good fellowship wherever you look.

Lou Tice – The Pacific Institute (www.thepacificinstitute.com)