Happiness and Positive Psychology…at work (podcast)

Happiness and Positive Psychology…at work (podcast)

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What are you waiting for? Don_ã_t wait until you_ã_ve got a new car, a new job or some new romance in your life to feel happy. Get happy first, and it_ã_s actually more likely that those things will come to you. So says UTS Adjunct Professor Timothy Sharp, aka Dr Happy in this Business21C Weekly. Also joining us in the studio is Senior Lecturer Tyrone Pitsis, award-winning researcher in the arena of positive psychology.

Happiness isn_ã_t just good for the soul. It_ã_s good for business. We ask what makes people work harder, longer and better? Meaning in their work, says Pitsis. Research across disciplines, from organisational theory to neuroscience backs it up. We chat through what makes happier workplaces more financially efficient, why people who find community in the workplace are in a better position to give of themselves, and how managers and workers themselves can create an environment for productive, meaningful, happy workplaces.

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