Work through the busy-ness to find the happiness

Work through the busy-ness to find the happiness

Life seems to be getting busier and busier; but there are ways to hold on to happiness amidst the chaos…

Work Smart: How To Avoid “The Busy Trap” by Gina Trapani for SmartCompany

In an ideal world, you’d arrive at the office, sit down in front of a list called “things to accomplish today,” and calmly work through each item until it was time to go home. But most of us can only dream of having that much control over the course of our day. In reality, the modern workday is a minefield of unexpected tasks, problems, and requests that blow up at completely unpredictable times, often, one right after the other. So instead of working our way through a prioritized task list in order, most of us get into a bad pattern: We just constantly react to and do whatever’s in our face at the moment.

Of course, you’ve GOT to attend to certain interruptions. If the boss stops by to talk to you about something, you’re not going to tell her to hold on while you wrap up the email you’re writing. But when you always let interruptions determine what you’re working on, you’ve fallen into the “busy trap.”

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