To find happiness…just be yourself

To find happiness…just be yourself

by Ilana Donna Arazie – for the Huffington Post

Sometimes it feels like the older I get, the less I know. How is this possible! We’re supposed to be getting smarter, wiser and more fabulous as we age, right? (Okay, the part about fabulous might only be true for Jennifer Anniston, whose body could inspire the sequel to Benjamin Button!)

But it seems like as we age we are bombarded with messages from advertisers, family, friends and the media about how we should live our lives.

For instance: I’m sure your mother would do cartwheels if you were married by 25, lived within two miles of her, and granted her exactly 2.5 grandchildren. But that might not be your cup of coffee.

When the world dictates how you should live your life, it can actually become harder to be true to your authentic self. In my last Something Different for Women class, we talked about aligning with the powers that be: your true self.

Jennifer Maculoso said: “Success will always find you when are authentic. Follow your bliss and you will always feel joy, and when you feel joy, success finds you.” It sounds like she picked up and cracked open the perfect fortune cookie.

Why do so many of us wear masks to hide our true selves? Everyone is born authentic, but as we grow up we spend too much time separating from who we are, acting like we’re something different. Acting is stressful. (Especially when you’re bad at it, like me.)

Being true to who we are takes time and effort. Here are some things to help you on your way…

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