Happiness is…regular time with dad (for kids, anyway)

Happiness is…regular time with dad (for kids, anyway)

Regular time with dad is key to kids’ happiness: study

by Rosemary Black

The key to childhood happiness might be more face time with Dad. Kids who chat regularly with their father are happier than kids who don_ã_t, according to new research.

Children who converse with their father _ã–most days_㝠rated themselves 87 out of 100 on a happiness scale, while those who rarely talk to their dads scored a 79. The study results, released by the Children_ã_s Society in Great Britain just in time for Father_ã_s Day, called the findings _ã–highly significant_㝠because research has demonstrated that a person_ã_s well-being later in life has a lot to do with their relationship with both parents during the teen years.

Of the 1,200 children in the study, who were 11 to 15, nearly 50% said they _ã–hardly ever_㝠talk to their dads about important subjects, as compared with just 28% who report rarely discussing important subjects with their moms.

Dads may not have as many meaningful conversations with their kids, but they tend to roughhouse with them more than moms do, and research indicates that’s important for kids_ã_ development, too.

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