Banning booze is a bad recipe for happiness

Banning booze is a bad recipe for happiness

Moderate drinkers enjoy more robust health than either big boozers or teetotallers, according to a study on the link between alcohol and cardiovascular disease. But downing a glass or two of wine every day may not contribute to enhanced well-being, the researchers cautioned. More likely, it indicates an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

”There’s too much talk about the benefits of moderate drinking,” said Boris Hansel, the lead author of the study.

Studies have shown a correlation between measured alcohol intake and reduced heart problems, less depression, and even a longer life span. These findings have led to the belief that drinking is good for you. But so far no studies have been able to draw a cause-and-effect link.

Dr Hansel and colleagues examined the health records of nearly 150,000 people from the greater Paris area. People who were low or moderate drinkers scored best on indicators including body-mass index, cholesterol and sugar levels, cardiovascular disease, heart rate, stress and depression. But the same groups also scored much better across criteria that had nothing to do with drinking, such as level of physical activity, particularly socio-economic status.

”People who drink moderately are people who, at the same time, lead healthier lives,” Dr Hansel said.

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