2 new happiness stories from around the world

2 new happiness stories from around the world

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The Huffington Post writes that there’s nothing better than happiness for Mother’s Day. Here’s a short excerpt:

When we’re not happy, do you believe it’s because we “think” we know what happiness is? The short answer from Vedic psychology

Happiness. It is the No. 1 thing we all want. The constitution of the United States institutionalizes our protected right to pursue it. But what exactly is it? Someone once told me they’d found happiness. I honestly didn’t know it was ever lost.

Is happiness attainable by discovery? Is it at a geographic location? Maybe it’s a state.Yes, people often dream of living in a state of happiness. But no one seems to permanently reside there. Sounds a lot like Florida, but I know it is not one of the 50. So maybe it’s more like Guam or Puerto Rico. I sure hope it’s got a tropical climate, complete with frou-frou drinks adorned with cute colorful little umbrellas. Oh, and no income tax.

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On a completely different note, the UK’s Guardian argues that the secret to happiness might be working with your hands!

Do you sometimes feel empty and unfulfilled? Are you tired all the time? Do you sit at your desk and wonder what use your job is to anyone? Maybe you should start doing something practical…

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I hope you enjoy these very different but happiness related stories and I hope you all enjoy much happiness on this Mother’s Day : )