Happiness & its Causes Conference – Twitter Summary!

Happiness & its Causes Conference – Twitter Summary!

Check out my tweets from today’s Happiness & its Causes Conference

Conference panel discussion…happiness is in the mind AND the body. So maybe there is such a thing as a “fun run”!

Happiness according to Prof Russell Meares? that thing that takes place between people, and between people and the environment

According to Prof George Vaillant…happiness equals love; full stop!

More from James Fowler…evolutionary benefits of showing happiness? to build trust and positive relationships!

Happiness according to James Fowler…connectedness! Happiness is not just a solo sport, it’s a team effort

Great advice from Ken Marslew…happiness is letting go of hate and moving on from bad experiences

Happiness according to Bob Carr? A love of learning and stretching your mind by reading great books

A recipe for happiness? Kylie Kwong just cooked it up!

Finding happiness by beating the paradox of choice? Set realistic expectations!

Now listening to Barry Schwartz…happiness is NOT necessarily having choice. Too much can lead to unhappiness!

Create happiness with a positive mindset; according to Fredrickson be open, appreciative, curious, kind and real : )

Importance of happiness according to Barbara Fredrickson? Not at all trivial but vital for resilience and living a good life

Happiness for women according to Naomi Wolf? Beware the ideal images propogated by the marketing machine!

At happiness conference…is happiness living life until the batteries run out?