Happiness is…marriage, love and sex!

Happiness is…marriage, love and sex!

Check out these 2 articles on factors contributing to happiness…

The Washington Post writes about discovering the secrets of marital happiness. For more than 20 years, Terri Orbuch has been one of the country’s leading marriage experts. She’s also a research professor at the Institute for Social Research at the Univ. of Michigan. Orbuch has observed hundreds of married couples as part of the NIH-funded Early Years of Marriage study. During that study, she set out to identify what keeps married couples happy, and what factors drive them apart.

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On a related note, the Sydney Morning Herald writes about love and money. Money buys you a reasonable amount of happiness, but maybe not as much as sex.

Sure, those with higher incomes are healthier and happier than those with lower incomes. But for the typical individual, a doubling of salary makes a lot less difference than life events like marriage or unemployment. A hot date is likely to make you happier than a few thousand dollars extra in bonus. There really is some evidence in this.

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