10 Tips for lasting happiness

10 Tips for lasting happiness

By Srikumar S. Rao

Many of us believe that happiness can somehow come only by great effort, and we spend a lifetime seeking it. But unending joy is actually closer to us than our own skin, and there is nothing we have to do or get or be to experience it. All we have to do is stop driving it away. And the principal way in which we drive happiness away is “if/then” thinking–believing that IF this happens, THEN I will be happy. The truth is you have everything it takes to be happy right now.

Here are 10 tips that will help you change your thinking about happiness and open wellsprings of motivation, resilience, and joy you never knew existed…

  1. Accept what is and learn from it

  2. Don’t label anything as bad

  3. Define what you do by its purpose

  4. Commit joyfully to everything you do

  5. Create miracles

  6. Hang around happy people

  7. Remember that being is just as important as doing

  8. Learn to bounce back

  9. Note that happiness isn’t just feeling good it’s also doing good

  10. Learn to let things go

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