Thoughts on happiness from Lionel Ketchian

Thoughts on happiness from Lionel Ketchian

Thoughts on Happiness

By Lionel Ketchian (

Happiness leaves clues. Let’s explore them. 

The decision to be happy is most important.
Unless you give happiness a try, you will never know how happiness feels or how great it works.
Gratitude is essential to the experience of happiness.
The thoughts you entertain, not life, are responsible for your happiness.
Your thoughts dictate your feelings.
Your thoughts control your emotions.
You can dismiss any negative thought.
Your attitude is your own responsibility.
Unhappiness is a result of your negative thinking, not the problems you have.
When you can respond rather than react, you will master your emotions.
It is your reaction to things, and not things themselves that determine your state of happiness.
Forgiveness is a powerful tool for being happy.
It is best to let go of the past, good or bad.
You can be right or you can be happy, why not choose to be happy.
Observing others by not judging them allows you to view reality in the most direct way.
Choosing love allows you to experience happiness.
Live simply.
Let go of the things you cannot control.
Employ common sense.
Don’t put your energy and negative thinking into the problems that you encounter.
Put your energy and thinking into the choices, options, and solutions that you have available.
When you are unhappy you will not think of the best options available to you.
Being unhappy leads to more unhappiness.
Being happy leads to a continuing feeling of happiness.
Your feelings will tell you when you are on the wrong path. Happiness feels good, and unhappiness feels bad.
You can always choose the happiness path no matter what is happening.
Being happy allows you to respond with the best choices possible for you in the moment.
Be responsible.
What are you thinking right now? This is the reason you are happy or unhappy?
When you are in a low mood you are allowing your negative thoughts to determine how you feel.
It is your moods that cause your suffering.
Even though you have reasons for being unhappy, those reasons are part of your problem.
The worse you feel, the more you increase your unhappy, and the bigger your problems will get.
Don’t ignore your problems; realize it is your negative thinking that is preventing you from the solution.
Live in the moment.
Happy people have the same number of problems as unhappy people; they just don’t let their negative thinking control them.
The more you hurry the more you’ll worry.
You will experience whatever you focus your attention upon.
Happiness is peace of mind.
Happiness is freedom, because you are learning to take control of yourself, rather than give that control to outside situations.
When you become happy, no one can make you happy, or unhappy.
Young children are happy, we can learn something from them.
Don’t dwell on negative things just let them go.
Happiness is an inside job.
You can’t place conditions on your happiness.
Happiness is unconditional.
Be happy, no matter what.
Become a happiness expert, SMILE.
If you cannot find a solution to your problem in a happy state of mind, you will have a harder time finding one in an unhappy state of mind.
You must want happiness even more than you want to get rid of a problem.
Make happiness the number one thing in your life.
Be happy and your children will learn from you.
Be unhappy and your children will learn from you.
Give up struggle and adopt happiness in your life.
Happiness is power.
No one knows everything, but pessimists think they do.
Become an optimist and you can allow things to go right, rather than focus on being right.
Your problems are not your problem, your thinking is.
Stop wanting, and start getting by being happy.
Wanting does not get you happiness.
Happiness can get you anything you want.
The best way to teach happiness is by being happy.
A good life is obtainable from being happy, not the other way around.

If you have been choosing unhappiness, it is not too late to make a change. Few people on earth have received happiness training. The decision to be happy will determine how you feel, and the state of mind you experience. This intention allows your thoughts to work for you rather than against you. I hope you decide on the Happiness Decision. You’ll be the big winner and besides, you’ll be happy you did.