Is happiness nurtuting a creative mindset?

Is happiness nurtuting a creative mindset?

It may well be according to this article from Positive Psychology News Daily. Sherri Fisher starts by writing…

Do you ever wish you were more creative? New research has shown that adults can be primed to become more creative simply by being asked to think like children. There are many kinds of creativity, including flexible thinking, elaboration of existing ideas, fluency of ideas, and originality.

For the purposes of the study conducted at North Dakota State University, college students were asked to imagine and write about what they would do if school was canceled for the day. In the experimental condition, they were primed in advance of writing to imagine that they were seven years old. Merely being primed to think like a child resulted in the production of more original responses on a subsequent measure of creativity.

And why might this be important? Because creative thinking will lead to more effective problem solving; more interesting and exciting generation of new and positive ideas; and more resilience. In short, therefore, creative thinking must, in some way or other, be associated with more happiness and positive emotions.

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