2 happiness articles from the Huffington Post

2 happiness articles from the Huffington Post

Karen Miller writes about the 4 Reasons Laundry Leads to Happiness (Having Clean Socks Is One of Them)…she starts, for example, with…

Happiness researchers are mystified. Almost nothing we think will make us happy actually has that effect: not higher incomes, not bigger houses, not having kids, and not even winning the lottery. Sure, money helps, but you’re more likely to say you’re happy living in a poor country than a rich one. Exercise can make you feel happier for a short time, but then, so can napping. Where is the sure route to fulfillment?

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And Kirsten Dirkson explains “Why We All Need a Happiness List: Chocolate and Philosophizing According to the Research”

A friend told me last week that she knows exactly what will make her happy and does those things when she feels unhappy to try to change her mood. Obviously, these are short-term happiness fixes, but she thinks everyone should have a list. And not just in your head, but written down (See this video on Why we all need a happiness list).

It got me thinking, some people make bucket lists (what they want to do before they “kick the bucket”) so why not make happiness lists just to be ready for when you’re feeling slightly, or completely, miserable. Veerle swears that by going to her list she can make herself feel better every time.

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