5 daily actions for happiness and wellbeing

5 daily actions for happiness and wellbeing

Many of us realize the importance of a healthy diet and have started having 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. There is profound evidence about its benefits to our physical health. If I now tell you there are also 5 easy daily practices that will dramatically enhance your happiness and mental health (well-being), as much as eating fruits and vegetables enhance your physical health, will you be excited and take real action?

UK Government Project on Mental Well-being

In 2008, the UK Government_ã_s Foresight Project reviewed the inter-disciplinary work of over 400 scientists across the world in order to identify a set of evidence-based actions to improve well-being and happiness.  The goal was to highlight those actions that individuals could build into their daily lives.

_ã–A big question in mental well-being is what individuals can do. We found there are five categories of things that can make a profound difference to people_ã_s well-being,_㝠said Felicia Huppert, Professor of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, who led part of the project. _ã–There are two significant findings in this report. First, each of the categories has strong scientific evidence behind it. Second, each action is so simple that everyone should aim to do them daily._ã

What are the FIVE ways to Well-being?

The report titled _ã–Mental Capital and Wellbeing_㝠suggests people should aim 1) to connect with others, 2) to be active, 3) to take notice of their surroundings, 4) to keep learning, and 5) to give to their neighbors and communities…

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