Happiness and the money factor

Happiness and the money factor

by Kristen Houghton – The Huffington Post

Happiness seems to be the catchword for 2010. We’re either looking for it, think we’ve finally found it, or are reluctantly redefining our personal meaning of the word. Then too there are those who feel they know what would make them happy but are almost afraid of saying what they truly believe will bring about that state of being. In other words they’re hesitant to say that more money is a significant factor in being personally happy.

I would never discount peace and contentment inducing happiness factors like meditation, prayer, love, friendship, or charity. Nor would I say that everyone’s idea of wealth is the same. However, I just don’t agree with the idea that money isn’t really necessary for a happy life. In this respect I am completely in synch with Larry David, creator of Seinfeld and star of his own HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm.

In the PBS series, This Emotional Lifehe, along with famous and not so famous people, talked about happiness. It was inspiring and eye-opening to take a peek into the individual ideas of what constitutes a happy life for others.

For me, Larry David’s assessment of what produces happiness made perfect, practical sense. Asked what he believed would make a person happy, Mr. David immediately mentioned the ‘M’ word, money. That, along with a job you like, sex, a nice place to live, and some type of spiritual belief, (not necessarily in that order), made up the sum of real happiness, he said.

Now money on its own doesn’t guarantee happiness…

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