Sometimes Your Happiness Depends On Walking Away

Sometimes Your Happiness Depends On Walking Away

by Kristen Houghton – The Huffington Post’s happiness writer

Recently a very good friend was terminated from a position she truly thought was her dream job. Spending long hours, and expending enormous time and energy to do her absolute best for this job was something she didn’t mind doing. She was very good at what she did. The reason for the termination was nothing more than a personality conflict with her immediate supervisor who, by the accounts of many co-workers, was a difficult person to work with.

My friend is having a hard time getting over not having the job that she really loved and at which she excelled. Letting go of what occurred and walking away from a closed door is difficult. It is human nature to want to stop and bang on that door in the fierce hope that it will open up again and let us in.

I understand her problem all too well. A similar experience happened to me quite a while ago. I learned a lot from that experience, not only about the vagaries of the world and the unaccountable whims of others, but about myself as well. I realized that the word ‘terminated’ did not terminate me from life; I wasn’t dead, no matter how ominous the word may have sounded. Terminated from a position, yes, incensed and upset for a few months, you bet, but very much alive. Eventually I had to chalk it up to a learning experience and here’s what I learned about happiness and walking away…

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