Happiness is…overcoming your fears

Happiness is…overcoming your fears

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Here at The Happiness Institute we’ve often noted that the pursuit of happiness involves more than the reduction of distress. Reducing or eliminating distress is a good start but to find real happiness, one also needs to actively work towards experiencing positive emotions. That being said, it’s hard to live a flourishing and thriving life if one is constantly afraid and fearful; so this week we focus on a particularly confronting (for some people) path to happiness…one that involves facing up to those fears!

This week, we’re challenging you to do something courageous; something that might take some hard work but something that will be more than worth effort. We’re challenging you to select and work towards overcoming one of your fears (preferably, your greatest one)!

And here’s how…

  • Select your fear
  • Re-define your fear in positive terms (instead of being afraid of heights imagine that you’d love to see the incredible view from the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge)
  • If appropriate, break your new “positive” goal down into smaller chunks
  • Find a supportive buddy
  • Tell them about your goal
  • Set a specific date to start or to do whatever it is you require
  • Celebrate!

So there it is.

We’re fully aware that this might not be as easy as we’ve made it appear above. In fact, it might take a while, which is more than OK. But just imagine how fantastic it will be to live a life without your fear! If you can achieve this, then what and how much else could you achieve?

PS: If you’d prefer, just start with a lesser fear; this way, you can build up some confidence before tackling your “greatest” fear.

PPS: If you think you need some help, then don’t be afraid to ask and/or to consider one or more of the resources listed below:

  • The Happiness Institute’s network of coaches – here
  • Dr. Timothy Sharp & Associates Clinical Psychologists – here
  • 10 Simple Steps to Overcoming Depression (self help program) – here

Or just call 02 9221 3306 or email info@thehappinessinstitute.com and we’ll help you work out what, if anything, you need to do