7 simple ways to find happiness despite being on your own

7 simple ways to find happiness despite being on your own

Because being on your own doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely! Well, that’s almost my first point but I’ll come back to that in a minute.

This short posting is a response to the many queries I get from people asking “How can I be happy when…I’m not in a relationship; when I have a chronic health condition; when my job sucks…?” And I’m happy to say that you can be happy despite…well despite whatever you’re living or going through.

It might be harder for some but let’s face it, none of our lives are perfect. And do you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because the good news is that happiness isn’t predicated on living a perfect life (if it was then noone would ever be happy!)

So although finding and enjoying a really fulfilling relationship might be a great goal and would almost certainly be good for your happiness there’s absolutely no doubt that many people can be and are happy living on their own. Here’s a few tips that might help you find happiness despite not having someone special in your life right now…

  1. Remember, as I noted in my very first point above, being on your own doesn’t have to the be the same thing as being lonely; the first step to enjoying happiness despite not having an intimate relationship is to rethink what your situation means to you
  2. Not being in an intimate relationship obviously does not mean you’re not in other relationships! Reflect on all the various people in your life and think about what each and every one of them brings to your life
  3. Following on from point 2, make more of these different relationships and especially, build on the ones that enhance your life in one way or other
  4. At a very practical level, consider joining groups and/or clubs in areas that are of interest to you (that way you’ll be keeping busy AND meeting people who share at least one think in common with you)
  5. Use the time you have on your own to take care of your health (eat well, exercise often and ensure you get enough good quality sleep)
  6. Practice meditation and specifically, meditate on all the good things about you and about being you on your own
  7. Similarly, and finally, practice appreciation and actively search out all the good things in your life, especially, all the good things about having time to yourself and being on your own

Please note, these tips are not meant to suggest that you couldn’t or can’t engage in other activities to increase your chances of finding a special relationship; but my thinking is that if you can do some or all of the above and then experience more happiness…you’ll be in a much better position to meet someone special and you’ll be far more attractive to that person when you meet.

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