Happiness at work through empowerment

Happiness at work through empowerment

Are there positive ways to combat employee negativity? Are you interested in improving personal and organizational performance and at the same time personal and organizational well-being and happiness?

Over the long Christmas / New Year / summer break which many Australians enjoy, I took the opportunity to organize my filing. I discovered articles lurking in the _ã–to read_㝠list. Happy to use PPND as an excuse to kick off the year with some research and reading, I chose to read an article about the role of positive organizational behavior and transformational leadership in enhancing employee performance, and how empowerment might play a mediating role.

The article provides timely reminders for leaders, managers and employees. Two key messages to draw from the researchers_ã_ work include:

  1. Help your employees increase their levels of empowerment at work by helping them increase their psychological capital and happiness
  2. Direct your efforts into creating transformational leaders, whose leadership style can affect employees_ã_ levels of empowerment and performance

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