2 new articles about happiness – at home and at work

2 new articles about happiness – at home and at work

Check out these two new articles from The Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post

The Wall Street Journal encouraged readers to “Think Happy Thoughts at Work”

Like many workers, Ivelisse Rivera, a physician at Community Health Center, Middletown, Conn., feels stressed-out by mounting workloads. And she didn’t expect to get much help during her employer’s annual staff meeting last November_ã”just the usual speeches on medical issues.

Instead, she got a big dose of something new: Happiness coaching. Keynote speaker Shawn Achor_ã”a former Harvard University researcher and former co-teacher of one of the university’s most popular courses, Positive Psychology_ã”extolled 90 listening employees to shake off dark moods at work by practicing such happiness-inducing techniques as meditation or expressing gratitude.

To her surprise, Dr. Rivera says, she drove home filled with thoughts about cheering up; “if I assume a negative attitude and complain all the time, whoever is working with me is going to feel the same way.”

Happiness coaching is seeping into the workplace…

Read more – here – or contact us at The Happiness Institute to find out what we can do in your workplace!

The Huffington Post writes about how “Sleep is the key to happiness and key performance”

One of the great side benefits of writing regularly about a subject is that you suddenly become a magnet for other people interested in that topic. I’ve found that to be especially true when it comes to writing about sleep. I suppose that’s because it’s one of the rare things all people have in common: there is no one on the planet who doesn’t sleep.

Over the first three weeks of our sleep challenge, I’ve heard from literally hundreds of people, writing (or stopping me on the street) to tell me about their experiences with sleep — or the lack thereof.

I heard, for example, from an old and dear friend, Tony Schwartz, President and CEO of The Energy Project, whose new book, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working: The Four Forgotten Needs that Energize Great Performance (coming out in May), has a whole chapter on the importance of sleep.

Read the remainder of this article – here – and/or check out my book, “The Good Sleep Guide” – here