Children lead to happiness for married couples

Children lead to happiness for married couples

They say children bring about laughter, and a new study published by the Journal of Happiness Studies in October confirms this by suggesting that having children does indeed boost happiness for married couples.

The findings also show that unmarried couples shouldn_ã_t expect this same happiness through raising a child, as the data shows that having children has little or no effect on boosting happiness among couples who aren’t hitched.

It was also revealed that life satisfaction for married people, especially women, goes up the more kids they have. Single, separated and co-habiting people, by contrast, report negative experiences.

According to Dr. Judith Wright of the Wright Graduate Institute, _ã–The bigger challenge, whether married, unmarried, or single, is to create a life of happiness that exists whether or not children are part of the picture. Most of us have a mistaken belief about what makes us happy. Real engagement, learning and developing ourselves, is one of the best ways to be happy._㝠

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