Great happiness quote

Great happiness quote

The other day I came across this great happiness quote which reminded me, once again, that happiness is so much more than we often think and that happiness is so possible in so many life domains.

Happiness at work, for example, is a very strong interest of mine which is why the following quote piqued my fancy…

Happiness is where your work or vocation meets the needs of the world!

Think about that for a few minutes. Work should not just be about completing tasks or receiving a pay cheque; yes, it’s about those things but it’s also about so much more. Work can also have meaning and purpose if we see the greater good in what we’re doing and if we really are doing good. That, in simple terms, is happiness…when our passion meets the needs of others.

Let me know what you think and let me know also if you’d like to know what I and The Happiness Institute can do for you and/or for your workplace in terms of finding more happiness at work.