An interesting approach to happiness

An interesting approach to happiness

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald I came across a very interesting story in which one man has made some interesting life choices and arguably, found a very real form of happiness (for him, anyway). Here’s a short excerpt…

Today he embraces an ascetic life of ”art and philosophising”. He is hardly the growling hermit, instead circling town on his trash-bin-built bike, engaging a wide circle of friends.

”He is truly the happiest person I have ever met,” says Damian Nash, Suelo’s college roommate and a high school teacher in Moab. ”He is so deeply peaceful, it’s contagious. He is living proof that money can’t buy happiness.”

Read more about Suelo’s approach to life and happiness – click here

And let me know your thoughts on happiness, money, and/or any of the other issues raised in this interesting article.