Happiness lessons from yesterday…by Dr. Happy

Happiness lessons from yesterday…by Dr. Happy

Yesterday, Tuesday November 24, was a fascinating day.

I started off with a photo-shoot for a magazine (which is a strange experience for anyone who’s not a professional model!); then I drove to the airport and was lucky enough to meet a friend who secured me entry into the Chairman’s Lounge (which is the 5 Star and very exclusive version of the Qantas Club and something I could get very used to!); then on my flight I bumped into another friend who invited me to share his private hire car at the other end and then drove me into Brisbane city (no need for taxis!); when I arrived at my hotel I was advised that my room had been upgraded: I then spoke at an event and met some fascinating people during the discussion after my presentation and then finally, I caught up with someone who I’d connected with online and disovered several very useful things about her, myself and the online world!

So, I thought I’d share with you a few happiness lessons from my travels…

  • happiness is…knowing what you’re good at and managing what you’re not so good at
  • happiness is…just as much about who you know as it is about what you know
  • happiness is…being grateful and appreciative for all the remarkable things that happen in this world (and yes, they happen to you too!)
  • happiness is…keeping an open mind and looking for happiness anywhere and everywhere
  • happiness is…constantly learning
  • happiness is…reflecting back on achievements with pride and looking forward to future goals with excitement

Yesterday was a remarkable day; but it was just that, one day. Who knows what today, and tomorrow and next week will hold for my happiness?!?!