Happiness is compassion

Happiness is compassion

I’ve alread tweeted on this at http://twitter.com/drhappy but it’s such a good story and such a wonderful project, undoubtedly relevant to all of us interested in happiness and positive psychology, that I thought I’d bring you another story on this, this time from The Examiner…

A desire to ignite a movement for compassion in our society has inspired ex-Catholic nun and TED conference Prize Winner Karen Armstrong to put together the Charter for Compassion, which was launched in Australia this morning. This movement will help support the conditions necessary to create the world that we all desire- a peaceful, happy, balanced world. Theravadan monk Bhante Sajuto gave a short speech at the launch. Be sure to check out the videos below on the Charter for Compassion.

It is based, appropriately, on the Golden Rule- Do not do unto others what you would not have done to you. This idea is found in every culture dating back to before recorded history, but was popularized in the Bible.

Compassion is distorted in modern lexicon to mean something soft and submissive, or of a mystical and religious nature. Real compassion, however, is a real connection between living beings.

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