Press Release – Power a Smile

Press Release – Power a Smile


For most children, Christmas is a time of happiness and love, smiles and laughter. We can all remember the excitement of Christmas as children _ã_ the anticipation of wondering what our presents might be and the thrill of opening them.  However thousands of kids won_ã_t experience this kind of Christmas.

Barnardos Australia, the country_ã_s leading child welfare charity, in partnership with Duracell, are launching a national appeal today to encourage people to help make Christmas a happier time for these vulnerable children.

Power A Smile, supported by Duracell, will help fund Barnardos_ã_ vital services for children across Australia who are abused, neglected or living in poverty, so that they can experience a happier Christmas. By urging the public to make a donation of as little $25, the campaign aims to put a smile on the faces of 8,000 children this Christmas. Duracell will match all donations made to Barnardos through Power a Smile, dollar for dollar*.

Barnardos National Ambassador, Noni Hazlehurst said, _ã–We all want our children to have a happy Christmas,  but for those who have been abandoned by their parents or have been removed from abusive situations, those who are ill, or living in squalid conditions, Christmas can be far from happy. In partnership with Duracell, Power A Smile aims to raise money to help improve the lives of the children most in need._ã

A simple gift, whether it is a toy or funds for a child_ã_s football lessons, can raise a smile and increase a child_ã_s wellbeing.  Psychologist, Professor Timothy Sharp said, _ã–We all know that receiving a Christmas gift can make us smile.  When we smile and laugh, the brain produces essential endorphins, the chemicals inside your body that help reduce physical and emotional stress and thus creating a feeling of joy. So, for a child who otherwise has nothing, something as simple as a gift can have a significant impact on their physical and mental wellbeing._ã

_ã–Research suggests that a happy family with strong interpersonal relationships is more likely to raise a happy and healthy child, however for the thousands of children who receive nothing but poverty and abuse, it_ã_s important to do what we can to raise a smile and try to improve their lives,_㝠he continued.

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About Barnardos

Barnardos Australia is a non-government, non-denominational child welfare charity that has been helping children in need for over 120 years. Barnardos is one of the largest children_ã_s charities in Australia, caring for children at risk of abuse and neglect. The work of Barnardos Australia focuses on the prevention of abuse, neglect and entry into care. Children of all backgrounds and cultural heritage are helped through a range of welfare programs including crisis care, family support, counselling and permanent foster care. Our vision is that all children and young people will have caring families, in which they can grow up safely and reach their full potential supported by quality services and engaged communities. For more information visit: