Happiness and raising kids

Happiness and raising kids

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All Work, No Play Makes For Unhappy Families. How can we enjoy our kids when all we do is work, work, work?!

My husband and I (don_ã_t I sound like the Queen?!?) both work full-time and we_ã_re both absolutely exhausted by the time the weekend comes around _ã_ the only chance we get to be with each other and our two daughters (three and nearly one). We both work hard all week while the girls are at family day care _ã_ and during the week we are all so tired and cranky, it passes in a blur of mini meltdowns and interrupted sleep. At the weekend, when we need most to be at our best for quality family time, we_ã_re barely recovering from the week! What can we do to make the most of those two little days together _ã_ and also make the days during the week less fraught and frustrating?

Yours, Mr Frantic and Mrs Fed Up

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