Great new studies in happiness and positive psychology – Part I

Great new studies in happiness and positive psychology – Part I

The science of happiness and positive psychology is growing at a rapid rate and I’m pleased to bring you summaries of some of the latest and greatest findings…

Is exercise good for us physically? You bet it is. Is exercise good for us psychologicall? You bet it is…but a recent study suggests the benefits are largely due to expectations. That is, if you EXPECT exercise to enhance your self-esteem and mood it’s more likely to!

Further to this…optimism has been confirmed to be significantly correlated with physical health outcomes. It would seem that optimism and happiness increase the chances of people engaging in positive and healthy behaviours.

Want to improve your marriage/relationship? Well start paying attention! A recent study found that mindfulness was a significant determinant of marital satisfaction; moreso than many other commonly considered factors.

And associated with the happy marriage research…it would seem that having children is, in fact, good for our relationship; but only if we’re married! Having children increases happiness and satisfaction in married couples but NOT in un-married couples.

More to come…