Happiness is…not working too hard!

Happiness is…not working too hard!

Maybe working longer hours doesn’t necessarily equate to achieving more or experiencing more happiness at work!

Check out this recent article, very relevant to those seeking happiness and success in the workplace, from Fast Company…

How do you set aside the mind space to see patterns, make connections, and read what people want? How do you find the right thing to work on?

Fake points to the salient example of Watson and Crick’s discovery of DNA. They spent a lot of time lollygagging and goofing off, going to parties and bullshitting over coffee.

That might seem like a historical footnote, but our everyday experience vindicates it. After all, have you ever had a great idea at your desk? But how often does that bulb go off in the shower, or in bed?

Modern neuroscience actually vindicates this apparently lackadaisical approach. It turns out that the best way to find breakthrough ideas might be to avoid working hard.

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