Happiness is…on the cards

Happiness is…on the cards

As the receptionist wanders around the office handing out mail and you realise the envelope headed for you isn_ã_t a DEWA bill or bank statement, the excitement can be somewhat overwhelming.

Living away from home it_ã_s great to receive a card on your birthday or even just a letter from home to let you know at least somebody is thinking of you.

But sadly it seems when people need it the most, they_ã_re not getting the simple yet powerful happiness booster that is a card. And if they did it could do wonders for their mood.

A recent study by the UK_ã_s Royal College of Psychiatrists reveals only one in three people receive a card when dealing with a mental health problem.

Although a card may seem like such a small gesture to others, a staggering 80 per cent of the 131 patients surveyed said receiving a card or gift would aid their recovery.

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