Happiness is…practising random acts of kindness

Happiness is…practising random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness are almost always met with a warm reception (i.e. something like happiness!), whether they’re motivated by a game, a hotel’s philosophy or the premise behind a clothing brand. Now aiming to make such acts more frequent, New York-based KIND Snacks has launched an effort to use cards to remind people to be kind.

KIND is an award-winning brand of Australian-made all-natural fruit and nut bars from PeaceWorks, a _ã–not-only-for-profit_㝠healthy foods company that hand-produces its bars. Kicked off by the KIND team, the KINDED movement aims to encourage people to surprise others with unexpected kind acts. Those interested can start by getting a card via instructions on the KINDED website. Next, they perform some kind act for someone else, whether it’s helping them carry heavy bags, sharing an umbrella or paying for their coffee. When they do, they simply pass on their card to the recipient of their generosity; that person, in turn, can pass it along by doing something kind for someone else. Perhaps most interesting of all, however_ã”particularly in light of what our sister site would call the OFF=ON trend_ã”is that each card that gets passed along has a unique code that can be mapped online, enabling participants to track how far their chain of kindness travels and view kind acts happening around the world.

The KINDED website explains: “KINDED cards are meant to help overcome the social awkwardness of doing unexpected kind acts by serving a ‘license’ to do the act, and explaining why you are doing it. So, when that person at Starbucks hands you a KINDED card along with [a] coffee, you’ll feel comfortable accepting since they’re just passing on a kind act that was done for them.” More than 700 “KINDINGS” have been performed so far; as extra motivation, the card code with the longest chain of such kind acts by Jan. 29 will win those involved a chance to get a real wish fulfilled.

So many brands over the years have been associated with self-indulgence, with ego gratification and_ã”yes_ã”with downright greed. In this era of widespread consumer disgust with the corporate world, there’s never been a better time to focus on the kind!

Website: www.kinded.com