Find happiness in a growth mindset

Find happiness in a growth mindset

I think I can, I think I can._㝠That was the motto of the Little Engine that Could.

In the fable, a long train with many cars tries to find a steam engine that will pull it over a large mountain. The larger, more powerful engines refuse to haul the train because it is too large and they do not believe they are up to the job. Finally, the Little Blue Engine _ã_who was designed just to work in the train yard _ã” volunteers for the mighty task.

As he pulls the long chain of cars over the mountain, he tells himself, _ã–I think I can, I think I can._㝠Amazingly, our little hero accomplishes his task.

When it comes to happiness, productivity and performance, we can all take a lesson from the Little Blue Engine. How often do we doubt ourselves or procrastinate because we are afraid to start? Our little blue friend did not did not hesitate _ã” and he was his own best champion along the way.

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